Welcome to PentaVision

Our mission is:

To tell memorable stories for our clients in creative
ways that target their brand or message,
through compelling storytelling,
by listening to them,
being mindful of their budget,
respecting their organizational culture,
and, by doing so, exceed all of their expectations.

Today, more than ever, the digital media platform continues to expand rapidly to new interactive mediums, to new and innovative ways to communicate your message or brand and, ultimately, engage your audience. We have adapted and reacted to these changes as well. By combining our strong storytelling expertise into more interactive mediums and platforms, we offer the best, most effective ways of getting your message seen, heard, and remembered.

What sets PentaVision apart? It’s our unique ability to tell compelling stories. By making them come to life in memorable ways. Why? Because we love what we do. How? By empowering and elevating client’s success. That’s what makes us successful and our clients happy. That’s what we do best…helping our clients tell their stories.

We’re a creative digital media production firm with a collaborative culture that works closely with our clients to help them stay in front of customers and prospects with targeted messaging. By utilizing new technology with skilled craftsmanship, we produce memorable ideas and powerful images to captivate, inspire, and motivate. We’re also problem solvers, working with you as a team to provide solutions in a relaxed atmosphere - without all of the drama, big egos, or silly games. We work in a comfortable environment conducive to having a lot of fun while developing targeted solutions for our clients.

We produce award winning visual programs and documentaries, engaging marketing materials, stunning web content, and television commercials for a variety of large and small corporations, medical service organizations and educational institutions. We’ve won many national and international awards too. And, while we’re proud of these awards, we are most satisfied by the impact our team has had on our clients’ goals and objectives. Label us “award winning” – we don’t mind.

Each member of the PentaVision team takes great pride and satisfaction in exceeding our clients’ expectations in ways that challenge our creativity. By joining forces with our clients, we establish specific goals and objectives for each project we undertake. Client input and collaboration is the key component to PentaVision’s success. We feel we’re the best at adapting our technology and the multitude of potential strategies to each of our clients’ particular needs and budget.

Founded in 2002, PentaVision is a collaboration of visual artists and professionals. Our individual talents and skills combine to form an extraordinarily versatile and creative team. We have experience with Fortune 500 companies, major U.S. universities and hospitals, nationally syndicated programming, and religious and non-profit organizations of all sizes. We maintain this tradition of excellence on our own unique terms; in terms that put our clients and their visions first and foremost.

We are located at a unique crossroads of business, sports, educational, and creative activity in the East Bank Village in South Bend, Indiana: a short drive to Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis. The atmosphere is relaxed, the quality of life excellent, and the opportunities for producing extraordinary visual media unlimited.

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712 N. Niles Ave.
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