Using Visual Marketing to Achieve High Facebook Engagement

During my time researching the new social media outlets, I stumbled across a great article about Facebook and visual marketing, “Using Visual Marketing to Achieve High Facebook Engagement” The first thing that strikes me from this article is the use of the word “engagement” and not “like”. In the world of Facebook, the race usually is measured by how many likes you can get registered to your Facebook page. However, by getting those that “like” you to “engage” in your Facebook page seems to have a greater advantage than just simply stockpiling “likes”.

This is best illustrated by the campaign by Know Your Midwifes launched on Facebook. By simply using visual content they were able to get 563 Facebook users to talk about their campaign which is higher than their Facebook “fan/like” count of 394. That is well over 100% engagement. The average Facebook account has a 2% to 5% engagement.

With the help of a production, advertising and marketing company such as PentaVision, we can help you create and promote your Facebook page with creative tools such as visual marketing to help you increase your company’s exposure and engagement in the Facebook world and real world.

Take a look at They’re the company with over 4.9 million likes.

Here are a few articles that really stress the importance and success of visual marketing:

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