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Facebook – More Than Just “Likes”

The foundation of any relationship is the initial attraction of one person to another followed by an increased interest in getting to know more
about that person. If there’s a common interest and increased sharing of time, you have basically entered into the “like” stage.
From there, the relationship can go deeper or the relationship can cease.


05 2013

More Interest in Pinterest

Stephanie Chandler provides more insight on the 10 easy ways to get started with Pinterest in an article from  It’s all you need to know to add another social media element to target your marketing and “Pin”-point your audience.

For more insight and more information on Pinterest, please click on this article by Stephanie Chandler at:

As always, feel free to share your ideas and experiences with social media and your “Interest in Pinterest” in your own marketing efforts.


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04 2013

A Perfect 10…


As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary here at PentaVision, we would like to take a moment to sincerely thank everyone who has made this anniversary possible. PentaVision Integrated Digital Media opened our doors on April 15, 2002 and we would like to thank you for those 10 years of shared success. Without the help and support of so many of you, this milestone could not have been achieved. Read the rest of this entry →


04 2012

Market Research – internet “Know How”


We hear the word research and often think of a scientific laboratory – full of boiling beakers and a mouse chasing a piece of cheese – or a student hidden in the depths of a library, gathering information to support a particular paper or thesis.  In any event, research is definitely hard work and the goal is to gain as much information as you can, analyze it, and then test your theories and conclusions in the real world. Read the rest of this entry →


11 2011

Branding bug? – Take a “S.W.O.T.” at it.

Identity – sometimes it’s a difficult chore to discover not only who you are but what you are all about. In business, these same things hold true. An entrepreneur or a new business owner has to have an identity of what their business is and what it does before they can hang their sign, print business cards, or even make that first sales call. Still, at the core of all of this is their identity – the “Who are you?” that maintains the face of the business. Some may say it’s in the name, like Bill’s Roofing, or it’s in the logo, like the Golden Arches. But the more you look at it, your business’ identity is really your brand and how you establish and market your brand to your current and potential customers. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2011

Sports Marketing – Beyond the Madness of March

In a few days “March Madness” begins and fans can’t help but be reminded of “bubble teams, “seeding” and “bracket busters.”  Along with the euphoria that is generated by die-hard basketball fans, there are numerous “casual fans” who simply participate in the three-week event by submitting their best guesses – in bracket form – of the winner of the national championship.  As I ponder my own choices for this year’s Final Four, I am also thinking about how this event – and sports in general – have changed in terms of marketing.

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03 2010

Giving “Can” Take Many Shapes

Food Bank

In our community there are many ways that an individual or group can help financially or by donating their time.  During the recent holiday season, members of the PentaVision team and some of their family members helped the Food Bank of Northern Indiana sort food.  With an especially difficult economy, more people are in need, particularly now that the holiday season is over.  And at PentaVision, part of our mission is to be an active part of our community, by giving back in a number of ways.

We decided to capture some of the activities to maybe inspire others to give of their time.  There are so many agencies out there that need your help.  See what you can do in your area.  Let us know, by leaving a comment, what you do to help others in need.  We welcome your comments and if you want more information on the food bank and how you can help, click here:


02 2010

Happy Holidays from All of Us at PentaVision


12 2009

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